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Articles for Collective Evolution:

Awakening Through Community: Description of my personal journey to "awakening.".

The Meaning of Software: Consciousness is Living Intelligence -
Intro to the Reality of Higher Intelligence within our cells, its meaning and Biocentrism as a new relativity.

The Potential and Significance of 3D Printing

Overview of Science and Nonduality Conference - San Jose - 2013

Personal Blog: Technology and Beyond

eBook: Presence of Mind: Journey to a New Operating System

Technology Projects - Ebooks:

Strategies fo Increasing Your Social Influence (Klout) (for Citrix Corp)

The Best of Both Worlds: Effectively Leverage Social Media Relationships with Real Time Collaboration Tools (for Citrix Corp)

Strategic Human Resources - Using Webinars to Drive Productivity (for Citrix Corp)

Seven Tools for Creating Visually Dynamic Online Presentations (for Citrix Corp)

Live Online Training That Works: Strategies for High Impact Learning and Development (for Citrix Corp)

Books and Other Projects:

Technology books for QUE, Wiley and Pearson (available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble)

Do Your Own Ning Thing

Take Wing with Ning

InformIT - Office Reference Guide


Streaming Video
Appearance on "Call for Help" -- Tech TV







Presence of Mind:
Journey to a New Operating System





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